Capacitación Gratis

Getting Started with Reports and Dashboards

For all users who want to generate reports and analyze Salesforce CRM data. Learn to create reports to strategically analyze campaigns, leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, forecasts, cases, solutions, and documents.

Keeping Your Applications Secure

For administrators; covers measures to improve application security. Learn to communicate with IT and users, define roles, set profile-based access controls, session settings, and passwords.

Protecting Your Data Confidentiality

For all users; covers responsibilities for protecting themselves and their organizations against online attacks. Covers password creation, anti-virus applications, anti-spyware options, and using hardware firewalls to add layers of protection.

Getting Started with Visualforce Pages

For administrators and developers. Step-by-step tutorial for quickly creating custom pages with Visualforce Pages within the standard Salesforce CRM user interface

Writing Secure Applications on Platform

This course covers the basics of secure development on the platform. The course covers the most common security bugs that appear in web applications and how the platform can help keep Web applications secure. This course should be considered a core security resource for our customer, partner, and ISV communities.

Build Powerful Force Platform Apps Without Programming

The platform lets you build powerful apps without programming. This session covers essential Force Platform features you can use to build an app, including custom objects, workflow, formulas, and validation rules.